Torlesse Wine Spritzers

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Pinot Pop and Savvy Pop

The idea for a wine spritzer resulted from bottle shop tastings and observing the number of purchases of the RTD [Ready to Drink] 5-7% alcohol products. Wine bottle sales seemed to be much lower in comparison to RTD sales on any given comparison study. Beer sales were also higher than wine sales.

A distressing observation to a traditional wine producer.

RTD products are spirit based [added alcohol and flavouring], sweet and carbonated.

The sales of these products are significant.

Our thinking was to provide an alternative made from good quality Waipara wine, either Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc to produce a more sophisticated product that tastes good and still offers the convenience of a ready to drink 5% alcoholic beverage.

Our packaging is in a 330 ML clear/flint bottle with a twist top. This is available in trays of 24 x 330 ML [single bottles for over the bar type sales] or in 3 paks [3 x 330ML]. The 3 paks are in a convenient card board carry pak.

The branding features Torlesse Wines and the fact that the wine is good quality Waipara based wine.

The names need to be catchy and easy to remember so we have released

Pinot Pop made from Pinot Noir and Savvy Pop made from Sauvignon Blanc

They are best served chilled like beer, the ingredients are wine, sparkling water and some noticeable sweetness to balance the natural wine acidity.

We think they make a great lunch time drink, clean, crisp and fresh with a pleasing effervescence and they are ideal for parties at only 5% alcohol.

We think it is a responsible move to give wine drinkers the alternative to consume a lower strength alcoholic beverage in comparison to normal wine that is usually over 10% .

Serve Chilled and Enjoy.

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