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18.0% alcohol

The first impression is the distinctive dark purple/red colour as it cascades into the glass.

The colour is impressive.

A quick swirl in the glass reveals the texture and the trailing legs of alcohol and glycerol clinging to the side of the glass hint at flavours to be found.

The aroma is familiar, like a blast from the past, blackcurrant ribena but with attitude. The alcohol is there subtle and heady and any thought that this is a soft drink is dispelled with a taste.

Berry fruit, obvious blackcurrant flavour and a sensous sweetness is quickly contrasted with a crisp natural acidity and the balancing alcohol finish to produce a very distinctive taste.

Torlesse Creme de Cassis is made from 100% black currants that are naturally abundant in antioxidants. The striking colour, distinctive aroma and memorable taste make it versatile, it can be sipped like a liqueur or mixed with white wine [kir] or sparkling wine [kir royale] or invent your own favourite recipe. It is a great mixer and will add a boost to any cocktail or can be mixed with soft drink to make a spritzer best served with plenty of ice. It can be used as a decadent dessert ingredient or enhance a sauce.

Enjoy this in moderation.

Let us know your favourite way to enjoy our Creme de Cassis

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