Greening Waipara

Torlesse wines is proud to be a foundation member of this project and we have our Biodiversity trial open to the public.

The official opening of the Torlesse Biodiversity Trail From left:
Garry Jackson, Mayor of Hurunui District Council. Rude Kleinplaste, TV and radio personality.  Kym and Maggie Rayner from Torlesse Wines

The long term benefits to wine production are achieved by encouraging nature's services such as pollination and pest and disease control, as well as weed supression, improved soil quality, conservation and eco tourism

Nature's services add value to the vineyards while reducing reliance on herbicides and pesticides.

Along the trail, many of the plant species have informative signs detailing the Maori, common and scientific names along with information about traditional Maori uses and the nature's services such as biological control of pests and weeds, which the plant provides. 

    4 photos above:

4 photos above: Bottom left: The Torlesse sign matching up with the Kowhai in full flower.
 Bottom Right: The most recent view of the Trail, October 18, 2010 compared with no new plantings in the photo of the floods in July 2008 [Top Left]. Note the path is recycled crushed glass. The new plantings photo, near the sign alonside the flood photo was taken in February 2009.[top right] This gives an indication of the growth achieved.

Below: The Waipara environment is demanding ranging from cold [snow] through to very wet, see above to very hot and dry so to help the plants get established each plant has an irrigation dripper then cardboard is recycled and used as a mulch and then topped with pine bark or our own recycled grape mulch.

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